Semi Vertical VS Vertical Bike Racks

Semi Vertical VS Vertical Bike Racks       

The angle at which a bike is stored makes more of a difference than most people would give credit for. 

Our Semi Vertical bike rack  bike rack is our number 1 seller, and the Q Rack Hanger Freestanding (vertical)  is the 2nd best seller.

Here are some of the factors to consider when purchasing these racks or similar.


Semi vertical

Q Rack Hanger (vertical)

Space Constraints

Compact, although a slightly larger footprint is required compared to the Vertical alternatives

Great for small spaces. The small footprint maximizes capacity in small locations


Higher security offered due to the 9mm locking loop positioned in the center of the rack making is easy to lock both wheels and the frame


Self-supporting framework with minimal need for ground fixings

Simplistic and lower security offered. The bike can still be locked in 3 places, but the user may required a lock extension to achieve this.


Sturdy ground fixing required


Cost effective compared to other systems such as the Two-Tier bike rack but a slightly higher cost than the vertical alternatives

Very good value for money and more cost effective than the Semi vertical rack.


Often considered ‘the user-friendly vertical system’ in the marketplace

This rack does require the user to lift the weight of their own bike. Most will not find this an issue, but something to consider.


In conclusion, neither rack is necessarily better than another. It depends on which of the above factors are important to you.


If you are unsure about which systems will work best for you, then contact us today to discuss on 02393 552774 or