5 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Reduce Bike Theft In The Workplace in 2022

Hearing that your colleague's bike was stolen from the office can really discourage staff from cycling to work. The effect of this can cause a real issue for facilities and building teams as there may be insufficient car parking spaces for staff. It is now easier than ever to spend over £1000 on a new bicycle making them a target for thieves.

Here are 5 easy ways to discourage theft:


Thieves do not like an audience. Providing a well-lit area is the first step to providing an area where cyclists feel comfortable leaving their bike. This will enable other preventative measures mentioned below to effectively work. Occupancy sensors combined with high efficiency lighting are a great solution for external cycle shelters. These can be solar powered with no need for mains power. 

Cycle Storage Compound with Solar lighting and PIR occupancy sensor for security

Access control

Ideally cycle storage should be indoors with access control. This will prevent opportunist theft. If indoor storage is not an option, then we strongly recommend having a lockable compound with access control limited to users of the store. The compound below demonstrates the basic use of a compound to protect from the weather and restrict access. A digilock on each door means that a code needs to be entered to gain access. We recommend changing the access code every 30 days. 

Secure lockable compound with access control


This is a great deterrent. Any potential thief will likely mask their face to avoid detection from CCTV but will instantly raise suspicion from onlookers. Footage is often one of the most useful tools in identifying and prosecuting thieves.

CCTV as a deterant for bike theives

Cycle stands 

A cycle stand should enable the cyclist to lock both wheels and the frame. 

All our racks are made from a minimum of 3mm steel to comply with the Police Approved 'Secured By Design' design guidelines. Most of our products feature a 9mm thick hardened locking loop welded to the structure of the bike rack which is a great deterrent 

9mm locking loop made from hardened steel to aid locking of both wheels and frame

Signage and awareness 

''It will never happen to me'' is how many cyclists feel until they become a victim. Encouraging cyclists to be constantly guarding against a thief by taking all the necessary precautions. The most useful piece of information that signage can convey is guidance on how to lock your bike securely. 

Singage to educate bike users on best practice

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